The Daily News

For over a century, Daily News has provided the city with unrivaled news coverage of the world around it. The newspaper is famous for its New York City exclusives, political coverage, celebrity gossip, and sports. It is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States, and many alumni have gone on to prominent careers in journalism and public service.

In a time of massive disruption for journalism, local news is disappearing and creating “news deserts.” The city of McKeesport in southwestern Pennsylvania is the most recent victim of this phenomenon, losing its local newspaper in 2015. In Death of the Daily News, journalist Andrew Conte chronicles how citizens are attempting to make sense of their own community by becoming gatekeepers to information for their neighbors. The result is a fascinating experiment, and an obituary for local news that reads not as tragedy but as hope.

Whether covering the reshaping of politics or the tumult over the death of a loved one, our reporters bring you unbiased, in-depth reporting from every angle. Then, they deliver it in a way that’s easy to read and share.

Our team of award-winning writers and columnists brings you all the latest national and local headlines from the biggest city in the nation. Whether it’s the latest developments from the Middle East, New York City’s political scene or the newest celebrity gossip, the Daily News covers it all.

In addition to its news coverage, the newspaper is known for its editorial cartoons and comics, as well as its extensive listings for classified ads. The newspaper has also been an advocate for a variety of social causes, including civil rights, women’s equality and the fight against poverty.

Designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, the building that housed the News from 1929 to 1995 was an official city landmark. Its architecture was so distinctive that it was used as the model for the Daily Planet building in the first two Superman movies. The former News headquarters now houses a number of other media companies, and is referred to as Manhattan West.

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