The Daily News is a Great Tool for Engaging With Readers at Every Touchpoint

Daily News, the flagship paper of the Independent Media Group, is a leading publisher in KwaZulu-Natal. It is tailor-made for the time-challenged, busy reader who wants accessible and easily packaged news. Its bold presentation and popular platforms are a great tool for engaging with readers at every touchpoint.

The Daily News features breaking news in science, health, the environment, technology and more from a range of sources, including universities and scientific journals. Stories are posted daily, and feature headlines, summaries and links to citations for research articles.

A unique and innovative news platform, Breaking News combines the world’s largest videographer network to source video in real-time with an unparalleled cloud-based production suite that enables broadcasters to create, distribute and manage high quality content from anywhere. Its library contains more than 1.2 million exclusive breaking news, expert interviews and community videos for immediate syndication and sharing.

With its extensive range of original packages, Daily News has been a powerful remote video newsgathering solution for more than 1,000 broadcasters across the globe. Its powerful remote video sourcing options enable journalists to source original HD b-roll clips, stand-up live feeds and produce professional footage faster than any other solution.

It offers the most authoritative and complete coverage of the news from New York City, the US and the rest of the world with award-winning writers and columnists. Its news coverage reaches a global audience through its website, mobile apps and social media channels.

The Daily News has a long history of pursuing and covering controversial topics. It has frequently criticized political candidates, governments and other public figures for their actions or decisions; its coverage also includes controversial stories about race, sexuality, and religion.

For a time, the Daily News was a conservative newspaper in line with its sister publication the Chicago Tribune; during the 1940s and 1950s, it supported isolationism, while the paper’s editorial stance gradually changed over the years, from a staunchly Republican to a more moderately liberal view. The Daily News’ reversal of its conservative views was prompted by the rise of populism and an increase in anti-war sentiment.

Its staff of nearly 2,000 reporters and editors have a wide variety of skills, including writing, photography, graphic design, editing and reporting. Its staff is well regarded for its reporting of international conflicts and other hot-button issues, and its news analysis is widely praised.

Despite its conservative stance, the Daily News has a strong record of investigative journalism, reporting on a variety of issues and bringing stories to light that would otherwise be overlooked or ignored. It has also produced extensive coverage of political scandals, including the Teapot Dome Scandal and the Wallis Simpson affair.

As a result of the paper’s reputation for investigative reporting, it was able to secure some notable convictions and sentences for wrongdoers. Some of the most famous such convictions were of people accused of murdering or attempting to kill another person or of kidnapping children.