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Daily News

The Daily News is a tabloid-style newspaper founded in 1919 and published daily except Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. It is the oldest of the nation’s daily newspapers and reached its peak circulation in 1947 with 2.4 million copies sold per day. Today, the Daily News is one of the most-read papers in the United States and is the seventh largest daily newspaper in the country. It is also the oldest newspaper in New York City.

The newspaper features local and national news stories as well as sports, entertainment and opinion. A large photograph is usually featured on the front page with headlines that include breaking news, politics and opinion, crime and courts, and business and technology. The newspaper also offers classified ads, celebrity gossip and comics. The newspaper has a strong presence on social media and is known for its extensive coverage of local news.

This is the most liberal-leaning paper on AllSides. Its editors and writers are likely to share liberal, progressive or left-wing views and opinions.

The Yale Daily News is the official student newspaper of Yale University and is published every weekday during the semester when the University is in session. It is the oldest college daily in the United States, and a number of its alumni have gone on to prominent careers in journalism and public life including William F. Buckley, Lan Samantha Chang, John Hersey, Joseph Lieberman, Sargent Shriver and Strobe Talbott.

In addition to the paper’s print edition, a variety of digital products are available, including its website, mobile apps, and digital subscriptions. In 2021, an anonymous alumnus made a gift to the Yale Library in support of the Daily News Historical Archive project which resulted in the digitization and preservation of all Daily News issues from 1996 through to the present.

Daily News has a reputation for its high level of investigative reporting, and for its aggressive pursuit of justice for criminals. Its reporters have uncovered evidence that led to the conviction of the former president of Argentina, Jorge Evandro de la Vega; the murder of two NYPD officers in their car in 1984; and the unprovoked Brooklyn stabbing of a mother protecting her daughter.

The newspaper’s headquarters at 450 West 33rd Street (also known as Manhattan West) is an official city and national landmark building designed by the architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood and built in 1928. It was the model for the Daily Planet building of the first two Superman films and still houses its former radio subsidiary, WPIX-TV.

Breaking News articles keep students up to date on the latest world, sports and entertainment news. They are shorter than News-2-You weekly news articles and support informational text standards for understanding, retelling and summarizing. Announce the Breaking News article to your students and have them read it as a whole group or in small groups. Encourage them to comment on the story or to ask questions for further investigation.