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The New York Daily News is an American morning tabloid newspaper based in New York City. It was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson as the Illustrated Daily News, and was the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format. The Daily News reached its peak circulation in 1947 and has won eleven Pulitzer Prizes. The newspaper is known for its bold journalism, commitment to New York City, engaging storytelling and strong visual content. It is owned by Tribune Publishing.

In this absorbing and wise book, Andrew Conte explores what happens in communities when the local newspaper dies. The story of the decline and death of the Daily News in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, is a familiar one as news deserts proliferate in America, but Conte tells it with perceptiveness and empathy, and leaves readers with hope that community journalism can survive.

Despite the decline of traditional print and broadcast media, online news video consumption continues to increase. In 2022, average minutes spent viewing online news videos increased to just under 1 minute and 30 seconds, up from less than a minute in 2014. This growth was partially driven by the release of new products that allow users to watch video on a variety of platforms.

In addition to expanding the audience for online news, these products also provide a new revenue source for publishers. This expansion has helped to offset declining print advertising revenues. Overall, the industry is still losing revenue, but it is not as fast as many had expected.

The newest products in this category include augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. These immersive technologies are enabling users to interact with and experience stories in ways that were previously impossible. In the coming years, these technologies are likely to continue to grow and evolve. Several major companies have recently released these products.

While the growth of online news videos has helped to offset declining print advertising revenues, it has not been enough to make up for the loss in total revenue. Publishers will need to find other ways to generate revenue. One possibility is to partner with other organizations that have an interest in the same audience or topic. Another option is to offer subscriptions for their digital content.

The New York Daily News has a slight to moderate liberal bias. It often publishes factual information that utilizes loaded words that attempt to influence an audience by appealing to emotions or stereotypes. The Daily News rates High for factual reporting due to a reasonable fact check record. However, it rates Low for editorial positions and High for partisanship. This makes it a Left-Center biased source.